Patchwork parka

Note tecniche

A patchwork parka made using multiple materials with a range of technical properties (woollen fabric, resin cotton, fustian and sheepskin). Each fabric, including the sheepskin, is washed before assembly to optimise the management of the fabric’s shrinkage. The challenge we faced when creating this garment was that the properties of the materials, each one different from the others, obliged us to wash each individual piece of fabric at different temperatures to establish the level of shrinkage, before finding a wash that would give the garment a uniform appearance. The finishing was carried out very attentively, ensuring that applying the buttons emphasised the symmetry of the fabrics obtained through the careful washing.

The most important aspect of ZAC's production, the keystone for understanding the company's work, is the word “checking”. Checking that takes place from the initial stages of production to the last step in the process, so nothing is left to chance, and so everything is constantly monitored and tracked. Checking that involves scrutinising, examining, comparing, inspecting, verifying and analysing the garments in our workshops, following the product from its design to its assembly and shipping to the client.