How do we do it?


To describe how we do what we do, we decided to tell you a story.

It is an illustrative story of a garment that starts as a designer's idea, and is tracked, monitored and refined
step by step, both when creating the sample garment and during the subsequent manufacturing and delivery to the client.


Relying both on cutting-edge technology and craftsmanlike work carried out by hand,

the creative process at ZAC winds its way through constantly tracked and monitored stages of production.

Our quality control never loses sight of our clients' requirements and fulfils their every last request.


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The most important aspect of ZAC's production is the word "checking".

Checking that involves scrutinising, examining, comparing, inspecting,

verifying and analysing the garments in our workshops,

following the product from its design to its assembly and shipping to the client.

Nothing is left to chance; everything is constantly monitored and tracked.

ZAC's real strength lies in the relationship

the company builds with its clients,

working side by side throughout

the entire creative process.

Next the client sends us the technical details
of the garment or the fashion croquis.

ZAC's modelling office

digitalises the paper pattern

for the subsequent stages in the process.

The technical drawing and the paper pattern

with the definitive instructions

are given to the garment maker

to create the sample garment.

In the meantime, fabrics and/or select hides

are examined to assess their

performance and capacity.

This is only the beginning of the journey, but nothing is left to chance.

During the layout stage ZAC carries out a detailed check

before starting the cutting.

Indeed, some parts of the cutting process

require "handmade" work,

using tailoring techniques.

Particular care and attention

are also paid to the

layout and cutting stages.

Depending on the operations requested

and the materials to be used, the work

is either automated or manual.

ZAC also offers the best fusion

finishes when required,

to strengthen certain

parts of the fabric.

This package is

delivered to the garment makers

so the product can be assembled.

Where necessary, the sewing is

done by hand, as is the embroidery,

following the rules of fashion

and achieving the results

expected by the client.

ZAC devotes the same care and attention

to leather and/or fabric garments,

outerwear and trousers, sportswear

and washed or treated garments.

Aware of the importance of

the final result, ZAC takes responsibility

for the delicate stage of washing the garment,

including post-assembly.

In the last part of the journey

a tailor's approach is taken

to the finishing of the accessories.

Craftsmanlike hands take care of the

garment right up to the final ironing stage.

Checking by hand highlights

ZAC’s attention to detail,

especially at the most

delicate and critical stages.

The sample garment is finally ready

for packaging and shipping.

The sample garment is returned

with any requests for changes

from the client.

Once all problems have been ironed out, ZAC begins the production process,

which retraces all the steps that led to the sample garment in full.

During production the checking procedures intensify,

ensuring a result based on the choices and solutions

adopted by artisan quality control professionals.

Maybe ZAC doesn't do anything different from the rest.

What it does do is believe in the strength of its clients' ideas,

considering them a real opportunity

to put its skills into practice

and provide solutions for even the most unusual of requests.

ZAC believe in your ideas

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